How to Make Quinoa

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There are different ways to cook quinoa through and a lot of things to make with it but coming to the easiest recipe for quinoa that would still manage to deliver all the needed benefits to the body then you should know some steps and tips that will give you the chance to prepare a meal in no time and at the same time one which you will enjoy. There are different benefits for quinoa delivered for the body, making it one important type of seed that people should depend on more often. This article will give you the needed tips and steps to follow in order to know how to prepare quinoa and cook it.

Nutritionists always say that quinoa could take the place of rice and would even be more beneficial in such a case and that might be the reason why a lot of people consider the cooking process of quinoa is much similar to that of the rice. Cooking quinoa is easy but there are specific steps that should be cared about for the dish to come out as needed and preferred.

How to Prepare Quinoa?

Quinoa is a type of seed that could manage to deliver different benefits for the human body, it has always been considered a grain for the way it is used and cooked in as well as the way it looks like. The benefits of quinoa are enough to convince any person out there to try it and since the trail thing is mentioned, it is important for the person to go through the preparation phase as well as follow the different steps needed when it comes to the cooking process.

There are different benefits that quinoa carries and which go back to the nutrients and minerals that are found in it; quinoa is one of the most protein rich foods that are found out there, it carries almost twice the percentage of fiber that other grains carry, it contains iron, lysine, magnesium, riboflavin, and manganese, and every single one of these is responsible for a specific benefit that will be delivered to the body.

When it comes to the preparation phase, you have to know that the brand of quinoa you are buying will have a say in such a thing; there are those who sell quinoa already rinsed before the packaging process, and there are those who don’t. In the first case you could go to the cooking process immediately without rinsing or washing the quinoa seeds, although we do not recommend such a thing, but in the second case you should always rinse your seeds to make sure that they are not bitter anymore to be eaten.

Rinsing the quinoa is an easy process related to preparing quinoa for the cooking phase. First of all you will need to place the seeds you are going to cook in a fine mesh strainer, place them under the water for a couple of seconds and use your hands to help in the process, and then eventually come to the point where you will remove them from under the water and taste one of the seeds in order to make sure that the bitter taste that results from the saponin coat covering the seeds is no longer there – this coat is usually there to protect the seeds from the insects before they are picked and packaged for people to buy.

How Do You Make Quinoa?

Getting done with the preparation part and making sure that the seeds are no longer bitter and could be eaten, you will now move forward to the next phase which is cooking and making quinoa. Quinoa could be cooked in so many different ways and could be added to so many different recipes out there but since we are talking about the initial and ordinary techniques then we are also referring to the easiest way of cooking quinoa.

Generally speaking, quinoa cooking time does not exceed 20 or 25 minutes and this is considered a positive point added to this seed because it gives those who are hungry and don’t have the time to cook a proper meal to have it and feel fulfilled. There are different steps that should be followed and taken when it comes to cooking quinoa to have a meal that is ready at the end, these steps include:

  • First of all, you will transfer the seeds that you have rinsed to a pan and add double the amount of water to it. After adding the water, make sure to add salt to the mixture; this should be according to the amount you are using and it should be always suitable to the water you have added; it should be double the amount of salted water.
  • After adding the salted water, bring the seeds to a boil by placing it over medium heat and make sure to cover it during this process.
  • Then reduce the heat to simmer and leave it for about 10 or 15 minutes or until the seeds become tender and the liquid is all absorbed.
  • Eventually you will come to the point where the seeds will be ready for your meal, all what you will need to do is fluff the seeds with a fork in order to separate them from one another and then eat them.

More about Cooking Quinoa

These are considered the important steps which will be followed all the time when it comes to cooking quinoa seeds, but there are other steps which some people might tend to follow to add a little bit more of flavor to the seeds. These other steps which we are talking about include:

  • Toasting the seeds in order to give them a nuttier flavor. To do this toasting step, you will add the seeds to a skillet with a little bit of oil over low heat for a few minutes before adding them to the water, which will result in giving the nutty flavor to those seeds. This usually takes 6 or 8 minutes; first you will add the oil to the skillet then pour the seeds onto it and keep stirring until they turn golden brown and make sure to keep stirring in order for these seeds not to burn.
  • Cooking quinoa in something other than water is also another step that some of those who cook quinoa tend to take. This will be done in the same way of cooking quinoa in water; you will need to add double the amount of liquid to the seeds you are using. Even though this is considered an option out there, water is always considered the easiest, cheapest, and healthiest option to go for.

It is always important to watch the time while you are cooking your quinoa because forgetting about it all might result in either burnt quinoa or else one that is not prepared in the right and correct manner.

Different Quinoa Recipes to Try

There are different recipes that could be done with quinoa which will always depend on what the person prefers and likes the most. The best thing about quinoa is that it could be used in so many different ways and could be used with different recipes and dishes; it could be eaten as a dish on its own and it could be also added to the meal you are eating as a side dish.

From the different options that you could choose from when it comes to the recipes of quinoa that could be made out there, you could try the shrimps done with quinoa, the baked tomatoes stuffed with quinoa, the crusted chicken strips which are covered with quinoa and use the honey mustard dip for them, cooking quinoa with corn and honey butter as a meal on its own, using quinoa as a crunchy cover for the chicken you are using in general, preparing quinoa burgers, using quinoa to prepare the crust or the base for a healthy type of pizza, and there are different other options which you could try out there and different other recipes which you could search for on the internet world.

More to Know about Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the healthiest foods to be found out there due to the different nutrients and minerals that it carries and the percentages of them that is usually provided to the body. Quinoa is always perceived as a grain but it is actually not, it is actually a relative of spinach, beets and chard, but the part that is eaten is usually the seed and thus it is cooked and prepared like rice, and the surprise is that the leaves could be eaten as well.

Quinoa is beneficial because it is a complete protein and this means that it carries all the nine essential amino acids needed by the body. What people do not know about quinoa is that there are different types of it found out there but the ones which are famously known are the red, black, and white quinoa which are the ones usually found in the stores and supermarkets.

When you tend to eat quinoa, you will realize that there are curly things that look like a tail that are separated and these are considered the germs of the seeds which slightly separate when the quinoa is ready. This will usually give people the chance to know when quinoa is ready in addition to paying attention to the liquid that is absorbed by those seeds.

Quinoa is definitely a healthy type of food that could be depended on and it carries different benefits for the body that every single person might be in need for, such as providing the body with proteins, vitamins, as well as minerals, which will eventually carry their effects on the body. Quinoa seeds are easy to be cooked and the process will never take more than 25 minutes, but it should always go through the preparation phase and which is all about rinsing the quinoa thoroughly before cooking it. Rinsing the quinoa will depend on the brand but it is usually considered better to repeat the process and make sure that you are having seeds which are not bitter.

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