Different Body Facts to Get Introduced to

Apart from being your body and apart from doing anything with it, there are several things and interesting facts which you might not be aware of when it comes to your body and its different functions. There are different interesting facts about the human body that will give you the chance to know what it needs, what it might be waiting for, and how it actually manages to perform. It is important to understand your body in order to be able to handle and deal with it and that is why this article is written for this purpose; to educate you and tell you more about that body you are living with.

That body is not just a mannequin that you play dress and match with, but it is more of a machine that represents you because without that body there will be nothing to live with and for. Your body is the breath that you take, the movements that you perform, and everything else in between you might be living with and that is why whenever you get sick or catch any disease, the first thing suffering is your body which then passes that over to your mind.

Different Random Body Facts

There are different facts that might seem interesting for you to know when it comes to understanding your body and the different processes it performs which one of them is asking for the healthy food types and in return giving you the chance to feel healthier, lighter, and at the same time be able to fight the viruses and diseases which you might otherwise catch.

The processes that happen within the body might appear to be more complicated than what you think or have in mind; it is not simple by any means but the way the piece of information reaches you at the end of the road makes the whole thing easy to happen. People’s knowledge is different; some might know about their bodies more than others but eventually we have to say that there are still some interesting facts and things which the person might not still aware of.

Eating healthy is important and knowing more about quinoa and the different benefits it could provide the body with is considered useful information, but what should always come before all these different points is your body; what you actually know about it? Do you think this information is considered enough and bring you closer to this body and knowing more about it needs? Some of you might answer yes, but there are still those who will stammer and just say no, so keep reading to know more about the scientific facts about human body to educate yourself, which include:

  • Water is Important for the Body

This is an ordinary piece of information that we all know about and one which we all consider beneficial and important for the body, because who could live without water? One of the regular things that the person might know about his/her body is that it might live without food for a couple of days and sometimes even weeks, but it will fail to pass those couple of days without water; it will need to get hydrated within two days and that’s why it might lose it all.

Water is important for several reasons and one of them is that it gives the body the chance to live and this might go back to the fact that your body is actually made up of 70 percent of water, and that is exactly the reason why it will never be able to live without it even for just a couple of days. The best thing about the water that your body is in need for is that it might receive it from different sources and not just the eight needed cups of water that nutritionists advice you with.

  • Men and Women are Different with their Bodies

We all know that men and women are different and their bodies are also created differently, but what we should understand is that they don’t even react to the things in the same way, be it food, diseases, viruses, or anything else, and that is why even when it comes to measuring the body weight, it will differ according to the gender. There are a couple of general interesting human body facts about the differences between men and women; it is scientifically known that women’s heart tends to beat faster than men, men are believed to burn more calories than women during the day by a rate of about 50 calories, men have approximately 6.8 liters of blood in their body while women only have 5 liters, and it is also known that the largest cell in the women’s body is the female egg and the smallest in the men’s is the sperm.

  • Strong Parts of the Body

You might think that the strongest part of your body is your legs or your hands because those are mainly the ones that give you the chance to hold yourself or else hold other things, but coming to the scientific world, this is not considered true, because neither your hands nor your legs are considered as strong as your tongue. Yes, your tongue is considered the strongest muscle out there and not any of the muscles you once thought they are the strong ones. In addition to that strongest muscle, you should also know that the hardest bone in your body is the jawbone and that your hands and feet contain almost half of the total bones found in the rest of the body.

  • Your Body is Working Almost All the Time

Even when you are sleeping, there are specific tasks that the body will be responsible for doing and that is why it will be working almost all the time and performing different tasks. From the interesting things to know about your body is the fact that there are almost 300 million cells that die inside the body every minute and that the body will be working in order to produce new ones which mean that the human body will almost produce about 300 billion new cells every single day. From the things that your body keeps renewing is your skeleton and this happens every ten years, which means that every ten years, you tend to have a whole new skeleton formed.

  • Your Stomach Works on Helping itself

Among the different things that you should be well aware of when it comes to your body is the tasks that your stomach could make and the different things it might be responsible for. From the different things that you should know about your stomach is that it manufactures a new lining every three days to avoid digesting itself. In order to understand why this might even happen in the first place, you have to know that the stomach secretes hydrochloric acid as part of the digestive process and this is a powerful corrosive compound that is used to treat various metals. Even though this hydrochloric acid that the stomach secretes is powerful, the mucous lining the stomach wall keeps it within the digestive system  and that is why it tends to break down the food found in the stomach but not your own stomach.

  • Your Brain will Stop Growing at a Specific Age

Yes, that’s true, but that does not mean that you will not be able to think in a creative way or think in the first place, you will do, but the growth of the brain itself will stop at the age of 18. A lot of people consider this the main reason behind the change in opinions and ways of thinking that the person ends up with after being 18 years old, of course in addition to the overall atmosphere and surroundings that change their ways of thinking. Starting from 18 years old and up, the human brain will start to lose about 1,000 brain cells every single day. Your brain is working almost all the time, even when you are sleeping and that is the main reason why you tend to have all these dreams, but in addition to that, it usually works in order to replenish its ability to function normally during the daytime working hours.

  • You Tend to Be Taller in the Morning than at Night

Among the different interesting facts about the body which you might want to know about is the fact that you get out of bed taller than you get into bed once again at night. There are different facts about the human body which are not related to the tasks it is responsible for, but more about the things that you might not even realize like the fact of being taller when you wake up at morning than your length for the rest of the day. When you wake up, you are approximately one half inch taller and that goes back to the fluids found within the spinal discs which replenish while the person is sleeping. During the day, the person will be dealing with a lot of standing and moving, so these discs start to become compressed and thus the fluid seeps out which will result in losing a small amount of the extra height that you have gained while you were asleep.

There are a lot of things to know about your body, some are related to the tasks and some are related to the way your body looks, but eventually they will all transfer you to another world and let you think about all the different things that you have learned about your body and its abilities.

Eating healthy, doing some exercises, and getting to know more about the different food types which you are allowed to eat, are all considered important things to start doing, but you should never forget to know more facts about your body that are the reason behind accepting these exercises and foods and transferring them into a healthy body that is able to shape itself and fight all the viruses and diseases that might appear later on. Educate yourself with some of these important body facts and search for more to be well aware of its tasks and abilities.

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