Getting the Ideal Body Weight

Always thinking about having that perfect body shape, losing weight in order to get a flat stomach, and doing all what you can just to have that body for summer, but people don’t actually know that the ideal body weight should be calculated in a specific way and usually differs from men to women and that getting a flat stomach might not be related to losing weight, it might actually be related to doing more exercises for the abs. It is important to love your body in order to be able to serve it and for you to love that body, you should know how you are supposed to calculate its ideal weight and take care of it.

People differ in their weight and their height; those who are tall could weight a little bit more than those short ones, which will always be apparent from the way they both look and that is why the ideal body weight is known as the scale on which the person measures his/her body weight according to his/her height and not according to being a male or a female.

Adjusted Ideal Body Weight

Ideal body weight differs from men to women but that is not the only thing you are supposed to consider in order to decide whether you should lose more weight to be in shape or else gain some pounds in order to look fit. There are different factors that could be playing a role in setting this equation; these things include your age, your gender, your height, your bone density as well as the ratio of muscles and fats.

The first important thing to keep your attention on is never trying to compare yourself to other people surrounding you because you might end up aiming at those who are too high or else trying to reach those who are too low. Being surrounded with obese people might give you the feeling that your weight is perfect when in fact you should lose a little bit more and the opposite also happens, when you are surrounded with those thin people who might be even working in the fashion world, you might consider yourself too fat when in fact your body is considered perfect according to your height.

Always build your calculations according to your body and yourself only without trying to put yourself in another comparison with someone who might be a part of your family or even might not. There are different methods to try in calculating ideal body weight, such as:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body mass index is the method of measuring the fats of the body according to the weight while keeping in mind the height of the person and this method is used and applied on all those adults who are aged 20 and above and is even considered the best assessment of the body fat for those children who are aged two and above.

So since the BMI is all about measuring and calculating the weight of the body according to the height, there are several things that you should know about this method. Health authorities around the world consider those who their weights are less than 18.5 as underweighted, those who their weights range between 18.5 and 25 are considered ideal, those who their BMI is between 25 and 30 are classified as overweight, and finally those who are more than that will come under the category of obese people.

When you want to calculate ideal body weight, it is important to keep in your mind these numbers in order to know when you are supposed to work on yourself in order to lose more weight and when you should exert more effort in eating healthy food in order to gain some. Even though keeping those numbers in mind while calculating ideal body weight through the BMI method, people should understand that experts do not consider this the best method out there because it still has its downfalls.

BMI is not considered the best method of calculating weight because it does not put the hips, the waist, and the chest measurements into account and this means that an athlete person might have a smaller waist and might be healthier than another person who is actually fat but according to BMI, the fat person will appear healthier. Even though this is considered a famous method, it is better not to be used with those people who might be dealing with some health issues or problems because it will not serve them very well.

  • Waist Hip Ratio (WHR)

Using the BMI method as the ideal body weight calculator might not be satisfying and accurate for a lot of people out there and that is when they will start to search for other accurate ways and will try to do their best when it comes to knowing how much they should weight and how they are supposed to know that. The second method to depend on could be the waist hip ratio, which is considered more accurate for some people than the BMI method.

The waist hip ratio (WHR) depends on measuring the ratio of the circumference of the waist to that of the hips; the person should measure the smallest circumference of the waist which is usually just above the belly button and then divide it by the total of the circumference of the hip at its widest part. These measurements differ from men to women, when it comes to the male WHR; there are different things to be stated:

  • When the measurement turns out to be less than 0.9, there is low risk of cardiovascular health problems.
  • When the measurement is between 0.9 and 0.99, there is moderate risk of cardiovascular health problems.
  • When the measurement is one or over, there is high risk of cardiovascular health problems.

On the other hand, when it comes to the female WHR; there are other numbers to be considered and other things to be kept in mind, such as:

  • When the measurement is less than 0.8, there is low risk of cardiovascular health problems.
  • When the measurement is between 0.8 and 0.89, there is moderate risk of cardiovascular health problems.
  • When the measurement is 0.9 or over, there is high risk of cardiovascular health problems.

Using the waist hip ratio (WHR) is considered better than the BMI when it comes to calculating the ideal body weight and at the same time could be more accurate when it comes to predicting the risks of developing serious health conditions, not only that but it is considered better than BMI in that it could be a predicator of heart attack worldwide. WHR was also the method that directed people’s attention to the shapes of the bodies and how they might affect their health; that those with the apple shaped bodies are more likely to deal with health problems than those with the pear shaped bodies.

The only problem with this method in calculating the ideal body weight for women and men is that it does not measure the person’s total body fat percentage or their muscle to fat ratio.

  • Body Fat Percentage Method

In addition to the two previous methods mentioned above which are considered the most well-known, some people still follow the method of measuring the percentage of fats in the body in order to know whether their bodies fall in the right range or else they need to do something in order to either lose or gain weight and be placed in the right category.

Measuring the percentage of fat in the body happens through dividing the weight of the fat by the total body weight, which will then indicate the essential body fat and the storage fat. It is important to know the difference between both, the essential and the storage, in order to get the chance to understand your body. The essential body fat is the amount of fat that the body needs in order to survive which women require more than what the bodies of men want, while the storage fat is the fat accumulation in adipose tissue which some of it protects the inner organs in the chest and abdomen.

This measurement method is considered the most accurate especially for those people who are focusing on their fitness level because it includes the true composition of the body.

Define Ideal Body Weight

When you understand the different methods that you should depend on when it comes to your ideal body weight, you might find yourself placed in the category of those who are considered underweight and should eat more to gain more weight, or else realize that you need to lose a little bit; of course apart from those who find themselves falling right in the middle and realizing that their weights are ideal and in the right category.

There are some tips which you could follow in order to manage keeping your weight ideal and have a healthy body:

  • First of all, you should never deprive yourself from food as a way of avoiding some calories because that might only let you eat more when you leave that diet behind and thus gain more weight. Don’t ever starve yourself but instead eat things that are healthy and will not add more to your weight.
  • Serve yourself with small portions instead of filling your plate with a lot of food because sometimes we tend to eat just because the food is so delicious or because we stuffed the plate and have to finish it. Never ban yourself from anything but you don’t have to eat that whole bar of chocolate all at once, but instead eat it through several days.
  • Keep yourself hydrated all the time in order not to find yourself running to food because sometimes the body is actually feeling thirsty and not hungry but the body translates these codes as hunger. It is easy to forget about drinking water during the tasks you are supposed to do during the day, so always keep your bottle of water filled and kept in front of your eyes, that way you will never forget to drink.
  • Make the right choices when it comes to snacking; depend on salads, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and other different healthy options which you could make.

It is important to know your ideal body weight and understand the difference between ideal body weight for men and that for women because that is how you are going to know whether you need to lose weight, gain weight, or else make sure to take care of your current body weight. There are different ways and methods to measure your ideal body weight but some are considered better than others especially when it is about a specific health condition or trying to predict the future.

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