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If you are eating one type of food without knowing more about its nutrition facts, the benefits it might be delivering or the side effects it could cause then you should stop at this point, give yourself the chance to look deeply into the different types of food which you are always eating, and start searching for the information related to them and ask yourself: what are they sending to the body from nutrients? Are they beneficial? Are there any side effects which you usually deal with after eating them? And at this point, you will need to avoid those not so much healthy and keep focused on the healthy ones.

Quinoa is one of the different healthy seeds which you might have heard about before or might be already using at this moment, but it is important to realize how much important it is and what is the nutritional value of quinoa that bring itself at the beginning of the list of healthy foods and make it one thing which you are supposed to own and always keep it present in your kitchen.

Quinoa Nutrition Facts

Even though quinoa has been there for a very long period of time – probably thousands of years – it started to appear more on the surface and started gaining more popularity due to the different benefits it manages to deliver to the body through the nutritional value it carries. Every single person out there might choose quinoa for a different reason, there are those who might go for it to gain more protein, those who might need it to lose some weight, those who might choose it to eat healthier, and so on and that is why it is considered different in that it serves the body through different ways.

Quinoa is not a grain although it is always placed in comparison with other ones, it is a seed and one which carries different nutrients and minerals that make it an important seed to add to the different recipes which you might be preparing. In order to know how quinoa could serve you and your health, you should come closer to the benefits it could serve the body with and in order to know these different benefits, you should know more about the nutrition facts of quinoa first, here they are:

  • It Carries Different Minerals and Vitamins

There are different minerals and vitamins found in quinoa which might not be easily found in the other different foods which you include in your today’s diet plans. The most famous vitamins and minerals which are found in this type of seed are the riboflavin, magnesium, iron, B-vitamins, which are usually lost in the diet that you might be following due to the highly processed types of food which are present there, unlike quinoa which is a whole grain that is not refined or processed and thus all the important vitamins that it carries remain intact.

From the different minerals found in quinoa, there is calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and zinc which their loss might be the main reason behind the problems that people could be suffering from, such as leg cramps, muscle pain, insomnia or anxiety. The most beneficial thing about quinoa is that it provides people with magnesium and thus deal with these problems and at the same time it provides women with the needed iron intake which they might be losing during the monthly blood losses they go through.

There is only one thing to know about when it comes to gaining these benefits from quinoa. Quinoa carries phytic acid which is believed to interfere with the minerals that are found in the food and thus might decrease their absorption and which might also interfere in the absorption of the minerals found in quinoa itself due to the presence of this phytic acid; the only way to resolve this problem is by soaking the seeds in water for 12 to 24 hours.

  • Quinoa is Rich with Antioxidants

Going through quinoa nutritional value, we have to mention that there are other important benefits related to quinoa which are not related to the minerals or the vitamins, such as the antioxidants. The most important antioxidants found in quinoa are known as flavonoids which are always referred to as the important ones due to the benefits they carry when it comes to reducing some diseases found out there.

There were different studies out there related to these antioxidants which one of them is called polyphenols and which is considered the most important due to the help it manages to offer when it comes to preventing the cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes. From the other antioxidants which are also found in quinoa are the quercetin and kaempferol and which are considered important for the reduction of inflammation, a risk factor for chronic diseases.

  • Quinoa is a Good Source of Fiber

From all the different benefits of quinoa, losing some weight is considered on top of the list due to the amount of people who are either trying to lose some weight, stay fit, or else just depend on some food sources which are going to keep them healthy. It is well known that fiber is one of the different contents that help in filling the stomach faster and at the same time giving it the chance to stay fuller for a longer period of time and thus reduce the amount of food which the person might be consuming and eventually allow him/her to lose some weight.

When it comes to quinoa, you should know that the type of fiber found in it is mostly the insoluble fiber which is the one that is needed to maintain a healthy digestive system. The reason why the insoluble fiber found in quinoa helps in the weight loss process is that the human stomach cannot extract any calories from this fiber and thus tends to eat food without adding any calories to the body.

  • Quinoa is Also High in Protein

Whenever you feel that your body is a little bit weak, the first advice you might receive is that you need to eat more food types which are filled with vitamins and proteins in order to give the body the chance to return back stronger. Quinoa could be one of those different food types which you could depend on because it will be able to deliver both the proteins and the vitamins needed for your body along with other nutrients and minerals as well.

It is not just about being a good source of protein, but quinoa is considered one of those food types that carry all the nine essential amino acids, including lysine which is the one usually missing from other food types, and thus is considered a complete protein source. Quinoa might be important and you might be advised to eat it because it provides the body with the amino acids that it might not be producing on its own, but at the same time it is not considered the one to depend on totally because quinoa contains more calories than the other food types which are able to give your body the protein it is in need for.

  • Quinoa Carries Heart Healthy Fats

One of the different nutrients that those suffering from any heart diseases might be in need for is the omega-3 fatty acid and which is found in different types of food but which could be also found in quinoa. One of the nutritional facts of quinoa which you should be also informed with is the content it carries for the heart healthy fats; quinoa carries 4 grams of fat per cup and contains no trans-fats. About 25% of the fat found in quinoa is oleic acid, a healthy monounsaturated fat and 8% is alpha-linolenic acid, which is the type of omega-3 that is found in plants.

It is known that the balance of fats in the body is considered the key element for a healthy diet which you are supposed to follow and that is why quinoa is considered beneficial at this point. The alpha-linolenic acid in quinoa is believed to reduce the risk of death that might happen from heart attacks, but ALA is not just important for this benefit since it is also considered beneficial because it reduces the level of cholesterol and blood pressure and it helps those who might be dealing with problems in the lung function.

To sum it all up, we could say that increasing the amount of healthy fat in the food you are consuming is considered important because it reduces the overall systemic inflammation which also leads to the decrease in the risk of chronic diseases.

Nutritional Facts of Quinoa

All these different nutrients and minerals found in quinoa could make it an important food type to depend on, but you should also know that quinoa should be eaten in specific amounts in order not to transfer those benefits into side effects and only cause problems at the end.

These nutrition facts related to quinoa means that quinoa could help the person in losing some weight due to the insoluble fiber and protein that it carries, it could also help with fighting cancer due to the antioxidants that it is rich with especially the flavonoids, it also reduces the risk of diabetes which also goes back to the fiber content that quinoa has, and it fights diseases in general due to the protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and all the contents that could be present in this seed.

The best thing about quinoa is the nutty flavor that it carries which usually does not affect any other food it is added to; you just have to go through the preparation process which is related to rinsing the seeds by water to remove the saponin bitter coat which usually covers it.

Looking more deeply into the different nutrients and minerals that the types of food which you are eating carry is always considered a step to take because it will tell you more about the benefits you are going to gain and the side effects which you might end up suffering from. Cooked quinoa nutrition appears to be suitable for all the different types of people even those who might be already suffering from specific health conditions, but it is also important to check back with your doctor before indulging in them.

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