Different Uses for Quinoa

Mentioning the word seeds will always be linked to food and eating but there are different uses for quinoa which we could mention as well. One of the things you will always find related to some types of food is that they are used as natural healers for some problems related to the body as well as the skin and the hair. Sugar is sometimes used as an exfoliating scrub, honey is sometimes used as a mask, and there are other things to be mentioned as well, but is quinoa the same? Are there are other uses for it other than eating?

Quinoa is healthy due to the different nutrients and minerals that it manages to deliver to the body but sometimes these seeds or grains are mixed with other ingredients to be used as something that is not related to eating. It is important to know everything that will be related to a new type of food that you are going to eat in order to make the best use out of it and try to get as creative as you can with using it as well.

Uses of Quinoa

The first thing that quinoa is used for is cooking but even if this is considered the main purpose for it, there might be other things that it could serve with and which you might know nothing about. Cooking quinoa is an easy process that takes no longer than 20 minutes which is one of the reasons why a lot of people tend to prepare it when they have no time to do other things, the only important step that these people should go through is the preparation phase.

Preparing quinoa means washing it thoroughly because it comes covered with a bitter coat that is referred to as “saponin”, this coat is responsible for protecting the seeds from insects but they make the whole taste not a good one. In order to wash the seeds you have to place them in a fine mesh strainer and put them under the water for a couple of seconds and you could even use your hands to rub the seeds between them. Once you get done with the washing phase you could move forward with the part of cooking the seeds themselves.

The benefits of quinoa are numerous, it could help with relieving constipation due to the fiber content that it carries, it could help with preventing heart disease by reducing the high blood pressure and the diabetes, it helps in weight loss, it also helps in keeping the red blood cells healthy, it is beneficial for tissue growth and repair, it helps in detoxification and energy production, and at the same time it is also beneficial for the formation of healthy bones and teeth, as well as other important things to be mentioned out there.

There are some quinoa uses which we have to mention here and which could give you some ideas about what you are supposed to do with quinoa other than just eat it for the benefits delivered to the body itself. Quinoa is beneficial for the hair, the skin, as well as the health as a whole.

  • Being Beneficial for the Skin

Sometimes there are some nutrients which the body might need to receive from a specific diet because the body does not produce them on its own and one of these is the lysine which is the key building block in the synthesis of elastin and collagen. This is considered important because it helps in the process of recovery from a surgery or injury by aiding in the quick healing of the damaged tissue. This is one reason why quinoa is always needed in your diet plan.

In addition to the lysine content, quinoa also carries high levels of riboflavin which is responsible for providing elasticity for the skin to give it the needed softness and resiliency. Riboflavin is also considered beneficial for the skin because it tones it by building up connective tissue and prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

Quinoa is healthy for those young as well as old people because it helps in nourishing the skin as well as repairing the sun damaged skin and give that skin some elasticity. Sometimes eating quinoa and adding it to the diet plan is considered enough to deliver the benefits but in this case there is also a mask which you could try to apply on your face to manage gaining those different benefits; cook ¼ cup of quinoa in soy milk then let it cool down. Blend the quinoa with three tablespoons of yogurt, two egg yolk, and two drops of mimosa essential oil then apply it on your face and neck and leave it there for about 20 minutes. When you remove this mask with lukewarm water, you will realize that your skin is glowing.

One of the important benefits of quinoa when it comes to the skin is treating one of the problems that people always suffer from and try to deal with which is acne as well as brown spots and pigmentation. Treating acne comes by reducing the production of sebum, while the reduction of the brown spots and pigmentation happens through the vitamins in the quinoa which work on decreasing the clustering of melanin granules.

  • Being Beneficial for the Hair

It is not just about the benefits which quinoa could deliver to the skin but quinoa benefits and uses are also directed towards the hair at the same time. When it comes to the way you look and the way you appear fashionable and healthy, the hair and the skin are included in the calculation and at this time the benefits of quinoa should be delivered.

Taking care of your hair happens through different ways; it happens through protecting and nourishing the hair follicles which is the first benefit that quinoa could deliver to the person. One of the things making quinoa different than all the other seeds and grains is the content of protein that it carries and which is considered the highest, this protein when extracted from quinoa works as a gentle and natural coating that protects and nourishes the hair follicles from within. Sometimes this protein found in quinoa is used in the process of producing some products for the hair in general.

In addition to that, quinoa could help in protecting the hair shaft because it carries the nine essential amino acids which the body might not be able to produce on its own and thus will be waiting to receive them on its own. Those essential amino acids act as natural strengtheners and protect the shaft of the hair, they also help in repairing the damaged hair, and they also promote the growth of the hair. When you look at the overall health benefits which quinoa could deliver to the body, you will realize that it is beneficial for the healthy nervous system and for the formation of red blood cells which also promote the growth of the hair at the end. When you consume chia seeds for your hair, you will always realize how shiny and silky it tends to look at the end.

Nourishment and hydration to the scalp is another important benefit which quinoa could manage to deliver to the hair and this happens through the humectants that are found in these seeds and which are responsible for nourishing and hydrating the scalp and keep it well conditioned. These humectants also form an invisible film over the hair and protect it from the different environmental conditions that might be damaging the hair, such as pollution.

Always try to give yourself the chance to think about some of the problems which you might find yourself suffering from when it comes to your hair and then see whether quinoa will be able to handle them or not. Dandruff is one of the main problems which people tend to keep searching for shampoos that prevent them so it is important to say that among the different benefits of quinoa which are delivered to the hair is treating dandruffs and this happens through the different minerals which these seeds carry such as calcium, iron, and phosphorus which mainly work on sealing the moisture in the scalp to avoid the dry and flaky scalp and thus keep the dandruff away.

It works on sealing the split ends of the hair through the protein that it tends to carry. The split ends of the hair might affect the whole situation of it and make the hair look even unhealthy. This protein is delivered through hydrolyzing the protein which is designed in a way that lets it pass through the cuticle and penetrates the hair’s cortex to equalize porosity and increases the elasticity. In addition to the split ends, the vitamin E that comes from quinoa helps in balancing the production of natural oil in order to keep the strands moisturized and reduces the breakage due to tangling.

The last thing to be mentioned about quinoa and the different benefits it could manage to deliver to the hair is maintaining and keeping the original color of the hair the way it is. A lot of people suffer from losing their hair color, either it is getting brighter or darker, and they fail to use the product that could help them maintain the real one. From the essential amino acids that quinoa carries, there is one called lysine which is the one responsible for the pigmentation and color of the hair and skin (the same one that helps with reducing the pigmentation and brown spots on the skin), so it helps in maintaining the original color of the hair and prevents its pigmentation.

These different quinoa uses and benefits could be either delivered through the different quinoa recipes which you could prepare by yourself at home or they could be delivered through buying cosmetic products which were produced by extracting the nutrients and minerals from quinoa seeds and transferring them into those beneficial products. Quinoa is always known for the different benefits it could deliver for the whole body and thus aiding in its function, but it is important to know that your hair and your skin could also manage to gain some benefits along the way.

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