How to Eat Quinoa

Turning into a healthy person sometimes is considered a burden, not because you can’t, but because you end up dealing with a lot of food types which you are not allowed to eat or else fail to create some new and creative ways to eat the food which you are. Quinoa is among the list of foods which you could depend on in order not only to lose some weight, but at the same time be able to turn into that kind of a healthy person. The problem with quinoa is that people sometimes deal with it as the side dish which they could prepare in an easy kind of way without taking a lot of time, or else that easy dish which they could prepare when they are feeling a bit lazy, but in fact there are some other ways through which quinoa could be used and added to the meals.

Creating new things will always depend on the recipes that you like and those which you don’t feel much attached to. When it comes to quinoa and the different ways that it could be added to your meals, you have to get a little bit creative but at the same time know that you should first go through the preparation phase before making new creations out of it or else adding it to different other ingredients in order to bring out something that is different yet healthy.

Different Ways to Eat Quinoa

Most probably, quinoa is used by those who want to lose some weight since most of the nutritionists advise them with it, but there are still some other important benefits that quinoa could deliver to the body and that’s why it is considered a good choice for those who want to shape their bodies and lose some weight, as well as those who just want to take one step up the ladder with their health and stop leaving it lacking back behind them.

Can you eat quinoa raw? Before getting deeply into the different recipes which you could prepare with quinoa and before trying to gain the different benefits which it could manage to deliver to your body, it is first important to know whether you could eat quinoa raw or else should never do such a thing. Quinoa could be actually added to the list of things which you could manage to eat sprouted and raw, the most important thing to pay attention to is the preparation phase that it should always pass by.

Preparing quinoa is easy and it mainly goes back to the bitter taste that it comes with due to the saponin coat that comes covering it and which is believed to be there in order to protect the seeds from insects. In order to remove this coat, you should first wash the seeds thoroughly before doing anything to them; you should place them in a fine mesh strainer, place them under the water for a couple of seconds, and then you could even use your hands to rub the seeds and make the process faster. At the end of washing the seeds, you could try one of them in order to know whether you managed to remove that saponin coat completely or else failed to do so.

When we mention the sprouting of quinoa, we should say that some nutritionists advice people with it because it helps in breaking some of the living enzymes and break down the carbohydrates and proteins in order to make the digestion process easier. In order to sprout the quinoa, you should place it in water overnight then drain and rinse it in a fine colander before giving it the chance to sit in that colander for at least six hours.

In order to eat quinoa and manage to come up with some different ideas in doing so, you could try some of these different recipes:

  • Preparing Cookies with Quinoa

At first, when you get the chance to eat quinoa, the first thing coming to your mind is cereals, energy bars, and all the other healthy types of food which might be there, even when you are not sure about whether you can add chia seeds to them or not. Thinking about baked goodies that include cookies in them might be something which your mind will never think about when it comes to quinoa, but in fact preparing cookies with using quinoa is possible and even a way through which you could use quinoa in an interesting way.

Cookies are not just a treat which you might depend on as a snack in the middle of your day, it is not just something which you might enjoy having along with your cup of tea, but it is actually something which you could depend on even during your breakfast, and that is exactly why trying to make it healthier with using quinoa is always a good idea.

  • Adding Quinoa to Other Healthy Ingredients for Breakfast

There are different benefits of eating quinoa which your body will manage to receive and which mainly goes back to the different minerals and nutrients that it carries. Breakfast might be perceived as one of the most important meals of the day because it is the first thing that your stomach receives and the first thing which it should be more able to accept, and that is the reason why trying to add quinoa to the things you tend to eat during your breakfast is always a good idea.

If you are one of those who prefer the mixture of things in order to create one good cup to eat at the beginning of the day then you should think about this one; add quinoa to honey, blackberry, almonds, sunflower seeds, yoghurt, and mint, and then enjoy mixing these things together to create that cup which is going to bring you different benefits and at the same time give you the chance to receive a good amount of energy at the beginning of the day.

  • Preparing Quinoa Pudding

Puddings are those easy things to get digested by the body especially when it comes to the breakfast meal you are having and that is one enough reason to mention that quinoa pudding is one option you might have and one thing you could also tend to make out of quinoa. In order to create this quinoa pudding, you could add strawberries and pistachios, and you could also manage to put other ingredients which you yourself enjoy.

Making and preparing this quinoa pudding is an easy process that needs other ingredients in addition to the strawberries and the pistachios, it needs milk, vanilla, sugar, salt, water, cinnamon, and of course quinoa. In order to know the ingredients with the right ratios you could get the recipe from here. Quinoa could be added to a lot of different things out there, so before you decide to consider it banned, you should first give yourself the chance to try or even search for different recipes that might serve your needs.

  • Create a Salad Made with Quinoa

Leaving the breakfast part behind, there are still different other things which quinoa could be added to, such as the salad. Generally speaking, eating vegetables and fruits every single day is one important thing to do because it will manage to deliver important benefits for the body, so this means that you will need to have your daily salad along with the dinner you are having, and in this case, quinoa could be also added.

From the easiest options out there is sprinkling some quinoa seeds on the salads which you already prepare, since it could almost go with most of the green ingredients out there, but if you are against this idea then you could manage to try some salad recipes out there that are considered best when quinoa is added to them. You could try the quinoa salad that is based of boiled eggs and sweet potato, or try the quinoa salad that is based of fennel and pomegranate, you could try the quinoa tabbouleh, or you could try the quinoa salad that is made of pecan, sweet potato, and craisin. There are different options to choose from when it comes to the salad options that could be made with quinoa, you just have to try and choose the ones that you prefer the most.

  • Making Desserts with Using Quinoa

We have talked about breakfast meals, mentioned the salads that could be made with quinoa, and now we could also say that it could be added to pasta, chicken, meat, and different other things which you might be doing for dinner. Coming to the last part of the day which is all about desserts, the person might always think that quinoa should never be added to desserts because these are the things that only work on adding more calories to the body and does nothing else.

It is important to know that quinoa could help in making some desserts like brownies, chocolate cakes, macaroons, truffles, quinoa bars, and others. In this way, you will manage to even make the unhealthy part of your day turn out to be a little bit healthy which happens through adding quinoa to the desserts that you are trying to prepare.

Why Eat Quinoa?

Cooking quinoa in order to prepare some of the different recipes which we have referred to above is one thing, but coming to the point where you should know about the reason behind doing such a thing means that we have to mention the different benefits of quinoa and tell you the reason why it is considered healthy in the first place and the reason why it is considered healthy for your body and your overall health.

Quinoa carries different health benefits, these benefits include the protein content which it carries, being a good source of calcium, magnesium, and manganese, and at the same time it is considered a very good source of B vitamins, vitamin E, and fiber. The most important thing to mention when it comes to quinoa is carrying all the nine essential amino acids which are important for the body since some of them could not be produced by it and thus will be always waiting to receive them from an outside source.

Now you are supposed to know what to eat quinoa with, and you have been exposed to different quinoa recipes and ideas out there, so now is the right time to start taking action and try to add quinoa to your daily life routine in order to turn it into a healthier one. Quinoa is one beneficial seed which could bring several benefits to your body, so try to think more about adding it to your life in order to turn into that healthy person who you have always dreamed to become.

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