Eating Quinoa through Different Ways

Quinoa is considered one of the healthy foods out there which the person could safely depend on in order to receive different health benefits for the body, but in order not to stick yourself to the same recipes, you should try different things and add quinoa to several other foods in order to add it to your body through several ways. The preparation phase of quinoa is easy and even cooking quinoa will never take more than 20 minutes, making it one type of healthy food that people could easily depend on whenever they feel like they need to prepare something fast and without having to exert a lot of energy. There are different ways to eat quinoa through which we will try to bring some of them in this article.

The thing being famously known about quinoa is that it is considered healthy for the body due to the different nutrients and minerals that it could deliver, but there is still other information which is not considered well-known by all of those who tend to consume it. Quinoa is a grain crop that is grown for its edible seeds; it is considered a seed though, and it carries protein, is considered gluten free, and at the same time is considered delicious and healthy.

How to Eat Quinoa

Most of the food types that are considered healthy and thus are given for people when it comes to the healthy food plans which they are supposed to follow are considered not delicious and tasty and thus make the person not enjoying the idea of eating it or consuming it more, but when it comes to quinoa, the whole equation is different because people actually enjoy the idea of eating quinoa and at the same time they love how it tastes like.

Before giving you some of the different ways which you could eat quinoa through, we have to make sure that you will wash those seeds before cooking and eating them. Quinoa are usually coated with something called saponin, which mainly prevent the seeds from insects and flies, and that is the reason why they usually end up having a bitter taste. In order to remove that bitter taste, you should wash the quinoa seeds thoroughly before cooking them, which will happen by putting them to a mesh strainer, placing them under the running water, and then leaving them there for a couple of seconds (you could also use your hands to wash the seeds better). Before getting straight to the cooking process, it is important to taste one seed at least in order to know whether it is washed totally from the bitter taste or still not yet.

There are different ways to eat quinoa through, but you should always make sure that you are using the needed amount because one cup of uncooked quinoa will most probably turn to three cups when they are cooked.

  • First of all, Quinoa could be Eaten Plain

There are different types of food which could be prepared in no time, such as preparing rice or doing some pasta, and these are not considered the healthy choices to make in general – you could still eat them without cutting them completely, but at least reduce the amount you are consuming. Since quinoa is prepared quickly, it could always take the place of these two different food types; rice and pasta, because it might only take 20 minutes and make your meal ready.

In order to cook your quinoa, you will start with toasting it in the saucepan by adding a drizzle of olive oil in the saucepan over medium-high heat and then adding the drain quinoa to it, and then cooking and stirring for about one minute in order to let the water evaporate. The second step will be about adding the liquid to the quinoa; you will add two cups of water or broth and a pinch of salt, and then you will bring it to a boil. Afterwards, you will need to lower the heat under the quinoa, cover it, and then cook for another 15 minutes. Finally remove the pot from the heat and while the quinoa is still covered, let it sit for about 5 minutes. Before you get to the point of eating the quinoa that you have cooked, make sure that you fluff it in order to separate it from one another.

  • Use it Stuffed into Vegetables

In addition to the plain ordinary way of cooking and eating quinoa, there are still other different ones which you could tend to do and which are considered more creative at the same time. One of the famous dishes out there is the one about the stuffed vegetables, such as peppers for example, and these peppers are usually stuffed with rice that is cooked with other ingredients, like mushrooms.

In order to use quinoa and turn the whole thing a lot much healthier, you could substitute the rice with quinoa and add it into the vegetables you are cooking; quinoa could be added to peppers, it could be added to dumpling squash, and it could be also added and stuffed in zucchini. It is always good to stay creative when it comes to preparing quinoa and that is why you could also add it to other food recipes which you prepare and which could take the place of other food types.

  • Add it to a Grain Salad

Actually, there are different things that quinoa could be added to even though those coming to your mind might not be all of the options that you might have. You might never think about adding quinoa to your salads, although this is considered one possible option; it is actually considered an easy ingredient and addition to those grain salads which you might be preparing and it will also be done in a quick way. There are different options to try; one of them is the quinoa salad with grapes.

  • Quinoa could Also Substitute Other Grains

There are different other grains which might carry the same fluffy texture of quinoa and that is one reason why it could always substitute them. One of these different grains is the bulgur wheat, which means that quinoa could definitely substitute all those dishes which bulgur wheat usually takes part in, such as the quinoa tabbouleh for example.

  • Finally, it could be Used for Breakfast Meals

The last option to go for is the breakfast meals; quinoa is considered one of the healthy and good options for the breakfast meals because it could be prepared easily and thus will not keep you waiting for your breakfast to be prepared for a long period of time. In order to have the right meal for breakfast, you could add maple syrup to your quinoa dish, you could also add some nuts, or you could try adding one fried egg on top of it.

Why Eat Quinoa?

When you finally settle on the best way to eat quinoa, you should then think about the different benefits of eating quinoa that you are going to gain, because that is the way you will know why you should eat quinoa. Here are the different reasons that will tell you why you are supposed to eat quinoa and what are the benefits that it could manage to deliver to your body:

  • Quinoa is Beneficial for its Protein Content

When it comes to quinoa, it is important to say that protein is one of the most important benefits which the body will manage to gain. In every 100 grams of quinoa, which is considered one serving, the person eating it will receive about 8 grams of complete protein; complete protein contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body since it does not produce them all on its own and will be waiting to receive them from an outside source.

  • Quinoa is Also High in Minerals and Fiber

In addition to the protein content in quinoa, the fiber content that it carries is also important for the human body because it reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

There are different minerals needed by the body and sometimes the body of the human being becomes unable to get them easily. From these minerals, iron and magnesium are among the list; iron is important because it helps in keeping the red blood cells healthy, while magnesium is important because it promotes healthy levels of blood sugar. Both iron and magnesium are among the minerals which the body could manage to receive from eating quinoa.

  • Quinoa is Gluten Free

At the beginning of the article, we have mentioned that quinoa is considered gluten free which makes it one different type of grain than all the others. Being gluten free means that quinoa is considered safe for those who might be suffering from celiac disease or those who are gluten intolerant.

  • Quinoa is High in Antioxidants

There are different reasons why antioxidants are considered beneficial and why they make quinoa an important and healthy grain. Antioxidants are known to be the substances that neutralize the free radicals and they are believed to help with aging as well as other diseases.

Quinoa is good for other reasons as well, such as being good for those who are trying to lose some weight, it is good for its low glycemic index which in turn helps in lowering the level of blood sugar, and it is also good for being very nutritious in general. Realizing all these different benefits related to quinoa, you will start to understand why you should know how to cook it and what to eat with quinoa as well.

Quinoa could be eaten in its plain form, it could be added to vegetables, and it could be also used as a breakfast meal, in addition to that there are still other creative ways to add quinoa to your diet through and which you could even be the one exploring it for the first time. There are different reasons found behind the importance of quinoa and different things that make it healthy and a good choice for those trying to adopt healthy eating habits, so always think about it and think about the ways you could add it to your diet through.

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