Healthy Quinoa Recipes to Try

Eating quinoa has always been important, but the thing that is considered much more important than that is the different recipes which should attract the person to the idea of adding it to his/her eating habits and lifestyle. Quinoa carries different nutrients and minerals that manage to provide the person with different benefits and that is one reason why it should be thought about when it comes to the healthy lifestyle that the person is trying to adopt and the different recipes which he/she could do with quinoa or else those which he/she could add quinoa to. This article will help you to get some ideas about the types of food which you could add quinoa to in order to bring out different interesting recipes to eat during the day.

It is true; quinoa goes through a preparation phase that is all about rinsing it thoroughly in order to remove the saponin coat that protects it from insects and remove its bitter taste, but at the same time, it is considered one of the easiest and fastest foods out there which you could cook when you are not in the mood to do something or want to get your meal ready in a specific time frame.

Easy Healthy Quinoa Recipes

You could choose quinoa as a side dish, you could choose it as a whole meal, and you could still use it with other dishes and use it in several different ways in order to bring out something that is healthy and could benefit your health and body. Some people tend to be creative when it comes to cooking and trying to mix different ingredients together in order to bring something new but healthy out there, but there are those who are never experienced enough to try and thus need someone to guide them through the way, so this article should be a little bit of a guidance to them.

From the different simple healthy quinoa recipes which you could try out there, the list includes:

  • Quinoa Chicken Nuggets

The best way to use those different healthy ingredients like quinoa is when you manage to make them a substitution to something that is considered not healthy at all, such as the chicken nuggets which children and even adults fall in love with every single minute. This might be the main recipe to prepare out there and at the same time it could be one which you chose just to make use out of the quinoa leftover which you still have.

To prepare this quinoa chicken nuggets recipe, you will need to have those small pieces of chicken, quinoa, and you will need to prepare a sauce mixture that is composed of cheese, rice flour, and garlic powder and leave them in one dish, and then add eggs and buttermilk in another. All what you have to do is roll the chicken pieces in the flour mixture then in the eggs mixture and then into the quinoa, and finally you will bake them.

This is one of the quinoa dishes which you could prepare to your kids while feeling satisfied about the ingredients which you have used and the benefits which they might gain.

  • Cheese, Sausage, Broccoli, and Quinoa Casserole

Through the different ways you are trying to remove specific ingredients from your meals in order to let quinoa take their place, trying this casserole dish will make you change your mind about using rice ever again with this recipe. A lot of people have been preparing this with using the cheesy sausage along with the broccoli, but instead of having quinoa under all these layers, they were using rice; that is exactly how quinoa comes to be so useful and healthy.

In order to add more taste to the quinoa used in this recipe, you could try toasting the seeds more before inserting them right there. This dish is considered a good choice for your lunch or dinner and it could be also served with salad being by its side.

  • Quinoa Burgers

To make the most out of using quinoa, you should try to use them as a solution for all the different meals and all the different recipes which are considered junk and turn them to something which you are safely allowed to eat. Burgers have always been considered among the list of junk food that people are supposed to stay away from yet is one of those which people always fail to avoid, especially when it comes to children who enjoy the idea of fast food.

As an adult who might be in love with burgers and at the same time being the family member who wants to stop her kids from eating burgers all the time, you could try to prepare those quinoa burgers for them right in your kitchen but you will need to do that ahead of time in order to give the patties the chance to hold themselves and be ready for cooking.

In order to prepare those buffalo quinoa burgers, you should first cook the quinoa and let them cool down for a couple of minutes and then add them to panko, salt, pepper, chickpeas, and eggs and then add all these to a food processor. When you are done, start forming those patties and leave them in the refrigerator in order to give them the chance to hold their shapes.

  • Making Your Quinoa Breakfast

Breakfast is not just the favorite meal for most of the people out there, but it also happens to be the most important to the body as well and that is one reason why taking care of what the person will be eating and allowing the body to take is considered important. Quinoa could also serve as one of the ingredients used while preparing the breakfast meal by being treated as oatmeal. Having quinoa for breakfast is possible by cooking it with sweet ingredients and then topping it with fresh fruits and coconut flakes.

This is one of the healthy recipes using quinoa which you could try and it will most probably be fulfilling to your body, but if you think or realize that the amount is not enough for you then you could add an egg as a side dish for it as well.

  • Quinoa Could Be Used in Smoothies as well

We have already mentioned some food recipes done with quinoa which you could eat at your lunch, dinner, or even prepare for your breakfast, but we did not mention any of the other ways quinoa could be used in in order to provide the body with different nutrients and minerals and deliver all the benefits it could give for the body. One of these other creative ways to add quinoa to your diet plan is by putting it in your favorite smoothie.

This is considered healthy because it will give you a good amount of protein and at the same time it will manage to fill your body through the morning and until lunch. When you are adding quinoa to your smoothie, never put more than ½ cup of cooked quinoa to every cup of smoothie you are going to drink.

  • Making Energy Bars

Those bars are used by those who might be willing to work out later through the day and they are also used as a nutritious food which people could eat in order to get more energy at the beginning of the day. It doesn’t matter which type of person you are out of these two, what matters the most is realizing that you could easily prepare them at home instead of going to the store to buy them from there.

Quinoa could help you through the process of making those energy bars in a healthy way; they could be added to whole-wheat flour, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or even chocolate chips and then adding two cups of cooked oats to them in order to enhance the whole-grain count. In order to let these ingredients stick together, you could add eggs or flax seed meal and use one teaspoon of baking power to let them rise as they cook.

Trying this energy bar at home is easy, you just have to mix different ingredients in order to know which one of these you liked the most and know what you are going to prepare the next time.

  • Make Your Veggie Stuffing with Quinoa

The list of healthy meals with quinoa which you could prepare could go on and on and one of them is the veggie stuffing which you always tend to do with the rice mixture and which you could easily substitute with using quinoa instead. There are different vegetables that people use out there, such as tomatoes, peppers, or butternut squash, the only difference is that they tend to stuff these with rice instead of trying to think about something that might turn out to be much healthier.

Quinoa is healthier than rice for several reasons and one of them is the way it provides the body with 16% of the daily needed amount of iron which is higher than rice and at the same time it also provides the body with phosphorus, potassium, folate, and zinc.

One of the things which you might have heard before from those people who are eating quinoa is the fact that they cut meat from their meals; this is considered possible due to the protein which the cooked quinoa will manage to give the body allowing the person to remove the meat from his/her favorite recipe without worrying about losing the benefits that it is supposed to provide the body with.

Quinoa could be used in different ways and with different ingredients in order to create a good meal out there; it could be used for breakfast, it could be used for lunch, it could be used for dinner, and it could be also depended on for the different snacks eaten throughout the day. Quinoa healthy recipes are numerous and you should always try as much of them as you can in order to choose those which you like the most and prepare them later on. It is important to think about adding quinoa to your diet plan through the healthy recipes with quinoa which you might create or else take from another cooking book and try.

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