Quinoa Benefits for Vegans and Vegetarians

Embed from Getty Images When it comes to the things we are allowed – and love – to eat, we should always remember that people are different and with these differences, there are also those which are related to the types of food that every single person loves to eat and accepts as well. Being a vegetarian or vegan means that there are a lot of things that you don’t usually add to your meals like those who are not, usually do; and that is why it is important to ask yourself whether quinoa will be considered a good meal for you as a vegetarian or vegan or will not be considered enough. Quinoa is beneficial but we should know how much it is for those vegetarians and vegans who have a different food lifestyle.

Difference between Vegans and Vegetarians

First of all, a lot of people still don’t know the real difference between vegetarians and vegans, or at least they get a little bit confused between the things that those different people tend to eat. For a long period of time, we have all heard about vegetarians and the lifestyle they have; they are those who remove meat, poultry, seafood, and sometimes milk from their meals but there are some of them who tend to eat eggs and find that it is okay.

Recently, the term vegan appeared to the world and we all got a little bit confused about whether it is something different from vegetarian or is the same but the long word got shortened. Vegans are actually close to vegetarians in that they remove meat, poultry, and seafood from their diet but they also remove milk, eggs, and every other thing that might come from animals. From the vegans’ point of view, animals are not things which they should eat or even consume the things they produce and thus they will also stop wearing clothes made from their skin.

These differences between vegans and vegetarians will bring us to the final point and question which is whether quinoa is accepted by those people or not and whether it brings them the nutrients that their bodies need in order to gain some of the benefits that they should have or not.

Quinoa for Vegans and Vegetarians

Apparently now you could understand that vegans and vegetarians eat different meals than you do – if you are not one of them already; you might be indulging in your perfect chicken meal while they are enjoying themselves having those perfect salads which they prefer. There is one important thing to understand, as a non-vegetarian or non-vegan, you might think that they are struggling; actually they are not seeing it in the same way you do, although sometimes they feel a little bit bored from their meals.

There are some vegan and vegetarian quinoa recipes which they could always try since it is allowed by them and does not come from animals, but before they search for these recipes, they should firstly know whether it will be able to give them the nutrients which their bodies need and which they do not receive from meat, seafood, poultry, and milk, or not.

The most important thing that vegans and vegetarians will think about when it comes to another food substitute that they could indulge in is: will it be a complete protein source that does not have any meat and does not come from any animals? This is a good question because complete protein means that it has all the nine essential amino acids needed by the body in order to function well enough since they are considered the building blocks of protein. To understand what complete protein means, you have to know that there are about 20 different amino acids that produce protein and nine of them are not produced by the body; these nine are the ones which when they are found in a specific type of food, it is referred to as complete protein, which is the case with quinoa.

There are actually different recipes that could fit both vegetarians and vegans when quinoa is added to them, some of these vegetarian and vegan quinoa recipes which we are talking about include muffins, breakfast, and even cookies, without having to add any of the ingredients that come from animals. The main use of quinoa is using it as a good substitute for rice, but this comes in addition to the other recipes that it could be used in.

Other Important Benefits for Quinoa

The main focus for the vegans and vegetarians should be the protein they will be able to get which is something they will manage to do with quinoa, but there are actually different other benefits for quinoa that you should know about which doubles the importance it has and makes it more fun for you to deal with it as a vegan quinoa.

  • Quinoa Carries Different Nutrients

One of the reasons why there are different vegetarian recipes using quinoa is the complete protein profile that it has and which also happens to be one of the most important benefits to mention even for those who are not vegetarian or vegans at all. Quinoa contains about 8 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, copper, iron, zinc, potassium, Vitamins, and calcium; this is pretty much most of what your body might be in need for and which it could be delivered through quinoa.

  • It Contain the Plant Compounds Called Quercetin and Kaempferol

It is always good to look beyond the things that you already know and try to find some information which you have never heard about and which are related to that type of food you are eating. Quinoa carries complete protein and this is pretty much everything you might think you want to know, but there are other important things for your body that it could also deliver. Quinoa carries the plant compounds known as quercetin and kaempferol; these are flavonoids which are antioxidants that carry different benefits for the body.

The most important of these flavonoids are the quercetin and kaempferol and these have different benefits, such as having anti-depressant, anti-viral, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory effects, which are things that different types of people could deal with, and through quinoa, you will be able to handle all these anti-things.

  • It is One of the Richest Sources of Fiber

Those vegetarian meals with quinoa will not only provide vegetarians with the protein they want, but it might help them with other different benefits as well such as providing them with fiber which is another nutrient that has its different effects. Fiber is the nutrient that mostly helps in weight loss plans since it gives the person the chance to feel fuller for a longer period of time and thus eat less food which will also help them lose weight, it helps in lowering the blood sugar level, as well as improve the insulin sensitivity which is mainly due to the changes that happen in the weight of the body.

  • Quinoa is Also Rich with Magnesium

One of the initial things we have mentioned above about the benefits of quinoa was that it carries different nutrients which magnesium comes among them. Magnesium is one of the nutrients that most of the bodies might be lacking and which they will always be trying to search for and find in the different food types which they are eating. Magnesium is important because it helps in preventing some diseases from occurring, such as osteoporosis and heart disease, as well as balancing the blood pressure along the way.

One cup of quinoa could actually provide the body with the recommended daily amount of quinoa that the body might be in need for.

  • Quinoa is Rich with Iron

Quinoa vegan appears to be healthy in so many different ways other than the protein; it gives magnesium to those bodies that are in need for it and it can also provide them with iron. Iron is another mineral that we might lack so easily and start to turn to those supplements which actually taste worse than the meal you hate the most, but with the appearance of quinoa and which do not taste bad at all, you could stop taking those supplements and could still receive 15% of the daily recommended amount of iron that your body needs.

We all know that iron is needed for different reasons, such as the function of the brain, as well as the function of the muscles and preventing anemia along the way. Iron and magnesium come in addition to zinc which is important for the skin and the liver, as well as potassium which lowers the blood pressure.

Things to Care About

Those were the different benefits that vegetarians should care about when it comes to quinoa since it provides them with the protein they want as well as some other important minerals and nutrients, but there are different things to pay attention to and care about because once they are forgotten, the positive effects might turn into negative and instead of receiving the different health benefits related to the pseudo-cereal, you will start getting the side effects.

  • First of all, you have to know that quinoa is rich with oxalates; this could actually reduce the absorption of calcium and might cause some problems for those people who are suffering from kidney stones.
  • It could cause some stomach problems for those who are not used to get a lot of fiber because quinoa carries double the amount of fiber that could be found in other grains, and this might cause the stomach to deal with stomachaches or diarrhea, bloating, and discomfort.
  • The saponin coat that comes with quinoa requires you to wash it, it is actually used to avoid insects and birds from coming for the seeds and which makes its taste bitter; this might also cause some stomach problems and that is why it needs to be washed very carefully and thoroughly.

There are different benefits that make quinoa an important food or grain for all the different types of people, but when it comes to vegans and vegetarians it is by no means important to mention that it is suitable for them to eat because of its protein content as well as the other different nutrients and minerals which deliver different health benefits for their bodies as well.

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